Thursday, July 8, 2010

Thank God!

Thank God that a weak ass surf/skate shop who self proclaimed themselves as "Tallahassee Premiere skateshop" (at the mall?) brought back the skate scene to Tallahassee. I guess having a skate shop (strictly skateboarding) for 18 years, building a free public skate park, raising money through events for the park, and sponsoring some of Tallahassee's best talent is not supporting our scene. How clueless nonskateboarders can open up their rookie mouths about things they know nothing about is disrespectful. When we started Phaze in 1992 we set out to be different and bring something unique to our scene. All you other new surf/skate shops should do the same, EARN YOURS. There's nothing original about straight up copying another shop and acting like your the shit. You always be the shop that came after Phaze. Phaze One forever!